A.P.E. Systems

The ENSA A.P.E. Systems are carefully selected all metal components assembled for the work at height professional to use or construct the most versatile micro system for assisted rescue and evacuation in the field today.

The ENSA APE EscAPE utilizes the most advanced micro descender available in industry today. The APE EscAPE is intended for use under the most extreme conditions.

To “ease” transition over edges the EscAPE descender has a control lever that is positioned inside the side plates to prevent catching on the edge.This same design also allows the APE EscAPE to function as a progress capture when constructing a 3:1 or 5:1 mechanical advantage system.

The patented design provides “fool proof” auto-locking activation when the handle is released at the same time limiting the impact force if dynamically loaded.

The ENSA APE EscAPE has a very smooth hand and can be used to safely affect the following rescue strategies:

  • Fixed Anchor, Casualty Raising and Lowering
  • Variable controlled rate descending during structure evacuations
  • Hands free edge negotiations
  • Pick Off rescues
  • Post Fall- Un-assisted/ Self Rescue from any lanyard configuration
  • Post Fall Assisted Rescue of an unreachable co-worker (over and edge rescue)
  • Confined Space Horizontal Traverse and Vertical Extraction
  • The A.P.E. EscAPE works equally well with or without a gloved hand.
  • The APE systems come in both Heat Resistant Technora and Nylon/Polyester options and can be ordered in varying lengths.