New ENSA Ape-Xtreme

Lightest, Smallest, NFPA-Certified Micro Descent System on the Market

Lightweight, High-Performance Design Reduces Need for Large Rope
The Ape-Xtreme Assisted Rescue and Personal Escape System is designed for rescue and evacuation purposes for persons who work at height in or on structures where an additional means of rescue or emergency egress involves the use of a control descent device.

The Ape-Xtreme System is recognized as a lightweight micro system capable of a two-person evacuation and rescue maintaining a 5:1 safety factor when used for a maximum weight of 440 kg (970 lbs).


New ENSA Ape-Xtreme

  • 100% compatible with any harness.
  • Ideal for confined spaces: Uses the smallest NFPA-certified life safety rope
  • Lightweight design makes it seamless for power gen, high heat use.

  • Self and assisted evacuation
  • Self-rescue when in suspension
  • Rescue in descent (single person)
  • Rescue raising a remote patient (single person)
  • Team rescue and rigging scenarios



  • Micro descent system with “pivoting cam “mechanical variable friction control.
  • High performance folding control lever handle.
  • Integrated rope wear/control pulley.
  • Hands-free locking and panic grab brake system.
  • Euler change-out system*
  • Pivot cam plurality groove technology**
  • ENSA Descent Performance Long Line Life Safety Rope Systems
  • Uses ENSA FR hybrid kernmantle rope Polyester/Technora®

Training is Essential
Safe use of the ENSA Ape-Xtreme Assisted Rescue and Personal Escape System requires familiarity with its behavior during basic rescue and descent skills. Successful completion of an initial Ape-Xtreme System certification training is required prior to use as a personal evacuation and rescue system.

Initial certification, and recurring certification every two years, is required and must be provided by a certified ENSA instructor. Training must cover all relevant rescue and evacuation strategies per the ENSA APE Systems Instructor Guide and Student Field Guide (provided at the time of training).

NOTE: This product must only be used by persons who are trained by ENSA and are competent in its use as part of an evacuation and assisted rescue kit.


Maximum Descent (140 kg) 1-time x 198 meters
Maximum Descent (238 kg) 1-time x 100 meters
Descent Speed 0.76-1.82 m/sec.
Minimum Load Rating 40 kg
Maximum Load Rating 440 kg at a safety factor of 5:1


  • EN 12841 (current version) – Personal fall protection equipment – Rope access systems – Rope adjustment devices. C – Rope adjustment device: Working line descender. Max load 100kg.
  • ISO 22159 (current version) – Personal equipment for protection against falls – Descending devices.
  • ANSI 3rd-party Verification Tested to ANSI/ASSE Z359.4-2013 Safety Requirements for Assisted-Rescue and Self-Rescue Systems, Subsystems and Components for a single maximum descent of up to 137 m (450 ft) in accordance with Z359.4 Descent Energy Rating Calculation formula (DERC): E = W x H x N.
    • Ape-Xtreme – 310 X 440 FT. X 1 = 136.400 FT. lbs.
    • E = Descent energy rating (ft-lbs.); W = test weight (310 lbs.); H = descent height (ft); and N = number of descents. The Ape-Xtreme
    • Device qualifies as a system that meets the single use requirement of 30,000 ft lbs. (406,750 joules).

Download a PDF Tech Sheet here.