College Instructor Program Partners


The CIP Partner is defined as an educational entity only. A CIP can be a private or state college, technical college or higher education entity. A CIP is educational in nature, has an ENSA approved tower structure for work-at-heights, includes qualified educational instructors and provides a classroom and or lab environment for learning and skill evolutions.

In some instances the educational entity is accredited which gives this CIP Partner a preferred status within the ENSA organization, however being accredited is not a requirement to being a CIP Partner.

CIP Partners can be privately funded or receive funds through State and Local governments. CIP Partners can also be considered non-profit entities within the scope of delivering education to students and end-users or outside industry.

CIP Partners are regional and have defined State territories to deliver ENSA training; however, they can market and promote their program to the entire United States and outlying US territories. The CIP Partner can only deliver ENSA training locally and cannot train the ENSA Program outside the CIP defined territory as indicated in the CIP Agreement.