General Industry & Construction Courses

INSP1001 – Equipment Inspection Competent Person – 8 hour (Bolt On) – BOOK THIS COURSE
This course is designed to be added to all ENSA training courses outside of rope access. It is for persons who are responsible for the documented management of personal fall protection and fall rescue equipment and is specific to the training course to which it is added. The candidate will learn how to manage an equipment inspection, care and maintenance program as defined under ANSI.

APFP2001 – Authorized Person Fall Protection/Fall Rescue – 16 hourBOOK THIS COURSE
Fall protection is one of the most complex categories within Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) The ENSA authorized person fall protection courses’ main objective is in the qualify the individual through imparting a depth of knowledge through practical experience of the 1st principles (mechanics and performance criteria)of fall protection equipment and basic fall rescue practices utilizing the Gotcha rescue system.

CPFP1001 – Competent Person Fall Protection – 24 HourBOOK THIS COURSE
The participants in this course have already received certification in ENSA Authorized Person Fall Protection (or equivalent). The main learning objective of this course is to establish a level of competence defined under ANSI Z359 standards for a competent person’s role and responsibilities in the jobsite management (proper selection, installation and safe use) of non-engineered fall protection systems, sub-systems and components. Once qualified this training will qualify the person to; suspend unsafe work, conduct periodic inspections of fall protection systems and consult with authorized users of the safe use of fall protection.

This course does not qualify the certificate holder to instruct fall protection courses.

CPFP1002 – Competent Person Fall Protection Program – 40 hourBOOK THIS COURSE
Recommended for program managers, site supervisor’s and any person in the position of responsibility for the implementation and operation of a safe work at height fall protection program under due diligence. Knowledge in local regulations, preplanning, equipment acquisition, and installation of fall protection systems requires extensive knowledge in structuring an effective fall protection program under ANSI Z359.

This course does not qualify the certificate holder to instruct fall protection courses.

CPIR1001 – Competent Person Industrial Rescuer – 40 hour – BOOK THIS COURSE
This training course is essential for any individual or group of persons needing to operate under a pre-established rescue system and plan. Operating in industrial vertical rescue environments candidates will achieve a depth of competence required by persons conducting rescue in multiple work at height environments.

CPFPT1001 – Competent Person Fall Protection Trainer – 40 hour – BOOK THIS COURSE
Operating within an adult learning environment requires knowledge in communication of learnig objectives and understanding how to impart knowledge ensuring maximum retention by the student involved.
CPFPT1001 provides candidates with an understanding of how manage safely and effectively a fall protection training program for authorized users. An in-depth knowledge of fall protection systems, sub-systems and components is a pre-requisite to this course.