ENSA Instructors

Steve Brown 
Chief Instructor

Steve’s been climbing rock, ice, and man-made structures for 43 years! He’s been a SPRAT Level 3 for 7 years. Steve lives in a small community in NE Oregon. He absolutely loves teaching, climbing, shooting traditional archery, disc golfing and being a granddad, among many other things.

April Vollm

April has a varied background, including time in the Air Force as a loadmaster on a C-130 cargo aircraft and as a performer with Air Force Entertainment (“Troops Entertaining Troops”). After she left the Air Force, she continued her work in performing, touring with Ringling Bros. as a clown, where she first became interested in aerial arts. The Airforce and Ringling experience led to a national tour of her one-woman show, entertaining kids and encouraging them to move and exercise using juggling, jump roping, and aerial acrobatics. In addition, she recently challenged herself as a tower climber, working to install home internet systems, LTE, and UTMS.

Josh Farrington

Joshua Farrington is a Marine Corps Infantry Veteran who started working at heights career as a Wind Turbine Technician. With over ten years of wind experience, he has performed wind turbine maintenance, major component change-outs, construction safety manager, and instructor on a wide variety of turbines such as Siemens, Vestas, GE, and Nordex/Acciona. Additionally, Josh has spent time practicing the dark arts of rope access performing high-rise window washing and wind turbine cleaning. Josh now works full-time as the ENSA Instructor and Facility Safety Specialist. Outside of training, he enjoys being a father and spending time with his beautiful wife. Josh also enjoys backpacking and exploring this beautiful country.

Rich Hattier

Rich is the owner of Option Access; a training company focused on providing instruction on safe work practices and rescue techniques for height safety technicians in the fields of Arboriculture, Wind Energy, Telcom, Confined Space, Rope Access, and Technical Rescue. Rich has 30 years of Working at Height experience in various roles, including production climber, safety trainer, and commercial business owner. Rich and his wife currently have 3 Basset Hounds (rescues) but are always on the lookout to add to their Hound family.

Eric McGill

Eric joined the ENSA team with over 10 years of field experience working at heights. Early on in his career, Eric experienced a coworker falling while on the job and had to perform a recovery.  The coworker passed away as a result of the injuries sustained during the fall. Eric’s commitment to safety and rescue training has been his number one priority since that day. 

Eric lives on a small homestead in NW Iowa with his wife, 3 children, and a pack of Jack Russell terriers. He enjoys pursuing sustainable living, traveling with his family, and using his technical skills and faith to serve people living in impoverished nations.

Beth Crock

Beth grew up in Colorado, going on all sorts of adventures with her family. These adventures led to a life-long love of the great outdoors and a passion for hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, and skiing. She spent fifteen years working backstage in the theatre and entertainment industry, where every day was an exercise in doing dangerous things in the dark as safely as possible. So the transition to working in the safety industry was a natural one for her. Beth lives near Kansas City in a house full of plants, partially finished craft projects with her husband, and a very nosy cat.