Meet the ENSA Team!

Rob Siegel
Executive Director
Years with ENSA: 11 years

Rob Siegel has over 21 years of hands-on training and skills-development experience as a Work-at-Height professional. Rob got started in this industry when he experienced what can happen when working at height without proper rescue training can lead to a life-changing event. While on a job-site, Rob witnessed a friend and worker fall from a suspended platform to his death. As a result, Rob committed his personal work and life goals to providing worker safety that will bring the worker and friend home safely.

If he had to change his name, he’d change it to Robel Arile. He says that’s his Jeti name!

Nick Jones
Training Program Manager
Years with ENSA: 11 years

Work at height has been a focus of his since the early days as a child, from alpine mountaineering and big wall adventures to amazing industrial structures. Nick’s passion for heights is matched only by his passion for surrounding himself with amazing people who all share like-minded passions.

Valerie Marquis
Operations Director
Years with ENSA: 2 years

Valerie started working as a hydraulics system development engineer for Volt Information Sciences in 2005. In 2007, she started in the wind industry by working for DNV GL. She was a recreational rock climber for a long time, so the opportunity to combine engineering and climbing thrilled her. Valerie is a very active person. She’s ran half of a dozen ultra marathons {an ultra marathon is anything longer than a regular marathon} and she’s climbed Mt. Whitney {the highest peak in the lower 48!} She enjoys trail running, yoga {she’s a yoga instructor too!}, hiking, backpacking, and rock climbing. She’s also a huge Cub’s fan.

“It’s different when you’re high up, looking down. You’re able to see the world differently. It’s fun to do something that a lot of people think is terrifying.”

Abby Radwill
Marketing Coordinator
Years with ENSA: 4 years

Abby graduated college in 2016 with a B.S. in Business Administration and Marketing. She just started her own company, Janice Mae II, where she is starting to buy rental properties. Abby has lots of pets – alpacas, peacocks, chickens, ducks, dogs, turkeys, and her favorite, goats.

Kate Jackson
Training Coordinator
Years with ENSA: < 1 year
Kate has over 15 years of experience working in executive administration and project management in Los Angeles, New York, and Austin. She loves cultivating relationships with clients and helping to make things as easy as possible for them. In her personal time, Kate likes to explore off the beaten path and has done two five-month solo road trips through America and backpacked through Southeast Asia. Getting outdoors to explore is one of her top priorities.

“The essence of profound insight is simplicity.” – Jim Collins

Maureen Solenberg
Training Coordinator
Years with ENSA: 5 years
Maureen is an experienced project manager with a background in client relationship management, customer service, and process development. Maureen strongly believes in continuing education and has spent the last two years working towards her bachelor’s degree in business management. You can find her on the weekend with her husband and dog enjoying their newest addition to their family!

Fun fact: She can make balloon animals!

Kent Pedersen
Sales Representative
Years with ENSA: < 1 year
Kent is originally from Denmark, but has lived in the U.S. since 1997. In his free time, he likes to support his kids in sports. Kent has worked in the wind industry since 2006 as a Business Development Executive for Avanti Wind Systems, and most recently has started in telecom. He’s always worked with safety: products, training and services.

Nicole Rivera
Customer Service Representative
Years with ENSA: < 1 year
Nicole comes with 18 years of experience in executive assistance, administrative customer service, and HR/payroll management. She loves working with people and problem solving. Nicole is super ambitious. She’s a single mom of an 18 year old son and 10 year old daughter. She loves spending time with friends and family. She also loves sports – soccer, college football, everything Packers, MMA, and boxing.

Fun fact: She graduated high school at the age of 16.


Steve Brown
Chief Instructor
Years with ENSA: 10 years

Steve’s been climbing rock, ice, and man made structures for 43 years! He’s been a SPRAT Level 3 for 7 years. Steve lives in a small community in NE Oregon. He absolutely loves teaching, climbing, shooting traditional archery, disc golfing, and being a grand dad, among many other things.

Justin Simpson
Years with ENSA: 2 years

Justin started working at heights by building zip lines, doing canopy tours, and high ropes courses a little over 15 years ago. His favorite thing, beyond meeting new, diverse people, is that what he does every day ensures that people get to come home every night and continue to work a cool job every morning. Safety is very important to him. He was at Seneca Rocks, West Virginia when he dropped 50 feet. He was in a wheelchair for 1 ½ months and everyone was worried that he’d never walk again. He realized he could have a positive impact on people’s lives and keep them safe and alive.

If he could trade lives with someone, it’d be Dr. Steve Sillet. He’s the Redwood biologist who discovered the world’s tallest tree and he gets to climb all the world’s tallest trees to study them!

George Rex
Years with ENSA: < 1 year
George is an accomplished manager with 35+ years of experience as a director in various fields that include: Cardio-Pulmonary Medicine, Manufacturing of Safety & Rescue Equipment, and a
Compliance and Regulatory advisor. Rex is an OSHA Health & Safety Specialist in Construction, General Industry, and Oil & Gas – as well as a Trainer and program developer in Fall Protection, Industrial Access, Industrial Rope Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, and HAZMAT.

Angie Lucht
Years with ENSA: 2 years
Angie is a Colorado native. She was in Mountain Rescue for 11 years while working for PMI. 10 years ago she did a direct entry into SPRAT Level 2 and started working on turbines, painting towers, rigging and teaching for special projects. She has been a SPRAT Level 3 for 6 years. Angie started training for Vestas 2 years ago and after working for a few months in Portland, she became a travel trainer for them. Angie’s lived in Maine for 1.5 years. The only thing she’d change about Maine is the black flies!

Angie is currently learning to ride an off-road unicycle and white water kayak!

Kim McCormack
Years with ENSA: < 1 year

One of Kim’s passions is rock climbing – it changed her life. Rock climbing gave Kim self confidence and taught her various skills to move safely on the rock and rescue others. Kim had a knack for teaching others the skills that she so highly valued. When the opportunity to train wind techs how to be safe and rescue each other came along, she grabbed it! She’s super excited to be working in an environment where she’s constantly learning new things, and able to teach life-saving skills at the same time.

April Vollm
Years with ENSA: < 1 year

April has a varied background, which includes time in the Air Force as a loadmaster on a C-130 cargo aircraft and as a performer with Air Force Entertainment (“Troops Entertaining Troops”). After she left the Air Force, she continued her work in performing, touring with Ringling Bros. as a clown, where she first became interested in aerial arts. This led to the national tour of her one-woman show, entertaining kits and encouraging them to move and exercise with the use of juggling, jump roping, and aerial acrobatics. Most recently, she challenged herself as a tower climber, working to install home internet systems, LTE, and UTMS.

Richard Massiah
Years with ENSA: 10 years

With 30 years of experience, Richard Massiah began his working-at-heights journey as a rock climbing instructor. He’s experienced almost everything. He was even a stuntman in the 1995 film, Johnny Mnemonic, with Keanu Reeves. He was an arborist for some time, too.