Auxilius Heavy Industries

Nick Kidwell
Years with ENSA: 2.5 years

Military boy, Nick Kidwell, started working for AHI in 2013. He’s been in the national guard since he was 17. He’s a thrill seeker, though, and that’s what drove him to start working at heights. When he’s not working, he enjoys kayaking, fishing, camping, playing basketball, and working out.

Gerald Parker
Years with ENSA: 4 years

Gerald Parker graduated high school in 1983 and went to diesel mechanic school for 1 ½ years . He was then out in the field working as a mechanic and doing other various jobs. Back in 2000, he was an EMT for 6 years. In 2008 is when he noticed a job opening in the wind industry and started down that route. His favorite part about working at heights is the different views that they get to see on top of the turbines.

“It’s not like a factory job where you go in and do the same thing everyday. You have to keep your head in the game to remain safe.”