Optimum Rope Access Solutions

Todd Bentley
Years with ENSA: 3 years

Todd has his B.S. in Biblical Studies in Missouri. He was a teacher and a coach for 12 years. Upon news of expecting his fourth child, Todd moved from California to Texas and started a high rise window cleaning business. In his spare time, he enjoys hunting, trap hunting, staying fit, and traveling with his family. He’s participated in many triathlons. The coolest place he’s been with his family is San Diego and camping in the Redwoods.

Bo Dunavin
Years with ENSA: < 1 year
Bo was born and raised in Amarillo, TX with two brothers and a sister. He’s always been a nature loving guy. He loves going on family camping and ski trips. He’s always loved basketball – but, he’s starting to love the life on ropes more!

Fun fact: He has two beautiful pups – the momma, Maya, and her son, Ziggy!