Nick Jones – Director of Training

Nick Jones

Here we come! Nick Jones rejoins ENSA as Director of Training and Curriculum Development. He teams up with his long-time colleague and extreme guy Rob Siegel as of May 1st, 2013.

To sum everything up – it would be the little catch phrase we have used in the past that best suits Nick – “With Great Heights Comes Great Vision”. Work at height has been a focus of his since the early days as a child. From alpine mountaineering and big wall adventures to amazing industrial structures, Nick’s passion for heights is matched only by his passion for surrounding himself with amazing people who all share like-minded passions.

“Work should be an adventure we share, and sought after with drive and dedication.” To Nick the team is everything. “Without those amazing people with whom we interact true memories will never be attained!”

Nick has enjoyed the adventure throughout his career, from the early days with Arc’teryx to what he calls his historical pilgrimage to Troll (UK). The ability to effect change and make a difference is what makes his world happen.

“Arc’terxy was great! Just four guys, naive and unstoppable. We went to the top with no knowledge of our competition, just pure passion and belief…amazing!   And Troll, managing without managers (Ricardo Semlar – thank you!). I found the British people truly inspirational. As a group we reduced management by 33% and increased productivity by over 45%. It is amazing what can be done under a team environment!”

Nick spent the longest stretch of his career at Tractel as Product Manager for the North American market for work and rescue at height. He was instrumental in establishing the Tractel Training Division and the development of Tractel’s product offering, which resulted in 11 years of work-at-height experience within the North American Market.

“The Training Division was really down to one man, Allan Guzzenic (V.P. Marketing for the Tractel Group). We shared the same vision. He started the ball rolling, and I knew the people! Troll had just been sold and a complete training division of incredible instructors was there for the asking. The rest is history.”

In 2007 Nick left Tractel to start ENSA with (yes) those incredible instructors from Troll. “Tractel had decided to close the Training Division, and for some time Shaun and Andy had been asking me to start a training company in North America. My wife said, ‘You’re not getting any younger’ – the rest is history”.

When looking back, Nick has been asked if he would change anything. “No, not really. Two Rob Siegel’s would have been nice! – no, when I look where we are now, it feels right, all the cards are in place, Mallory Safety & Supply is an accomplished group of people, and ENSA is a strong and unstoppable team!”


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  1. Just wanted to say ENSA, Along with Nick Jones put up one of the greatest courses I have had the opportunity of taking in years, Very informative plenty of hands on training and just an all around great experience. If you get the pleasure of learning a few things from this man your in for a great time . Thanks Nick

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