Rob Siegel, Executive Director

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Rob Siegel has over 15 years of hands-on training and skills-development experience as a Work-at-Height professional. Rob got started in this industry when he experienced what can happen when working at height without proper rescue training can lead to a life-changing event. While on a job-site, Rob witnessed a friend and worker fall from a suspended platform to his death. As a result, Rob committed his personal work and life goals to providing worker safety that will bring the worker and friend home safely.

Rob has pioneered work-at-height rescue training programs and has taken this skill set to a completely new level of excellence. Being trained and certified with an ENSA certificate has peer-review value and is the standard of acceptance in the industry.NATE Authorized Climber, NATE Competent Climber, NATE Competent Rescurer

Rob has over 9000 hours on towers, has worked with every major manufacturer and maintenance contractor in wind energy, and continues to be highly sought after in the telecom and industrial markets, including water tower, tower crane, oil & gas rig evacuation and bridge repair and inspection work environments.

Rob has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Civil Engineering and Mechanics from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and a BS degree in Occupational Health & Safety from Southern University. His professional work experience includes working with Hy-Safe Fall Protection, Tractel Fall Protection and Airstreams.

Rob Siegel
Rob Siegel

As a pioneer in the Wind Energy market, Rob has been directly involved in theengineering, fabricating and deployment of the only four mobile towers in the country. He also has extensive engineering experience in suspended platforms and rigging work environments.

Rob Siegel has been widely published in leading Renewable Energy Magazines, has been a speaker at major industry events and continues to develop standards and skill sets to prepare the work-at-height professional for the next level of expertise.

Rob currently continues to develop and reinforce relationships in the wind power, telecom, municipality, and industrial work areas. He is head of operations, manages all business development and is the Team Leader for all ENSA team members.

Check out Rob and a few other instructors all APED-Out in ENSA gear.

2 Replies to “Rob Siegel, Executive Director”

  1. Hi Rob, I have searched all over the ENSA web site and I do not see an icon for the careers area. I am in the Vancouver,Wa. area and I am very interested in joining the ENSA team in the PDX area. How do I apply and to whom can I send my resume to? Thank you in advance for your assistance and I am also happy to hear that my tip to you to take the train from PDX to Seattle instead of driving worked out for you. My husband is Jerry Barbour and he is the one the person who recommended I contact you for a potenial position. So once again thank you in advance.

    1. Wow, Hi Kristen! So good to hear from you. I just spoke with Jerry today. We appreciate the recommendation for careers page and have our Web Technical Channel working on the placement of this page as we speak. Please feel free to contact me at and we can set a time to discuss further.
      Take care, very nice to hear from you on the site, Say ‘hi’ to Jerry from me.

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