Steve Brown, Chief Instructor

Steve Brown, Chief Instructor ENSA, Mallory Safety and Supply

When you meet Steve for the first time your trust level goes up 1000 feet and you wonder if you knew him in a previous life. A true family man, Steve balances his life between his love of nature, organic farming, family and his extreme nature. Steve is a serious climber and route developer of rock, ice and man-made structures. In the past 37 years in fact, he has authored over 407 rock climbing routes.

In the beginning, Steve was like any other pioneering rock climber, he just got after it and climbed. Then one day, another climber happened upon his route and gave him a dose of reality. Either start getting serious about your safety or go home. This changed everything and from that point on, Steve’s desire to pass along his love of the sport while instilling the profound sense of personal safety to others, drove him on his continuous route to excellence and ultimately to ENSA.


When asking him about how he got involved in ENSA the answer is quick. Steve gave Rob Siegel a call late in 2008 on the advice of a fellow climber. The two connected immediately. Having never met, it took Rob only an hour to know Steve was his man and that he wanted him as an ENSA trainer right away. Three days later, Steve was on the way to ENSA boot camp in Arkansas, and began his learning adventure at Zen Bolden’s adventure ranch.

“When Rob said he was hiring me, I quit my very secure and stable job of 14 years as a production manager at an RV manufacturing plant. I was in,” says Steve.

After an easy decision to throw it all away, ENSA pulled him in and allowed Steve to apply his practical knowledge and skills in a professional environment that affected change in behaviors and has influenced thousands of employees (and counting) who work at height. “I have great pride in knowing that the skills that we provide to work-at-height workers keep people safe so they can enjoy their families and pursue their life’s passions as I do,” adds Steve.

Steve Brown is ENSA’s Senior Instructor. Steve has a personal connection to his students. Teaching, or shall we say leading, comes easy for Steve and it is evident in the quality of his graduates. They are experts in their field, dedicated to safety and valuable to their profession. Steve Brown is our example of “The Higher Way. The ENSA Way”.

One if Steve's many talents is making things blossom and grow.
One of Steve’s many talents is making things blossom and grow. Tiger Lilly’s from his family garden in La Grange, Oregon.

A sampling of Steve’s Certifications:

  • SPRATT Level 3 Certified.
  • Gold Cross Instructor
  • OSHA 10/30/40
Numerous Rigging Certifications
  • Incident Command Certifications

Check out Steve and a few other instructors all APED-Out in ENSA gear.

Fowler Wind Farm: Steve Brown and BP VERT (vertical emergency response team) Graduates.

5 Replies to “Steve Brown, Chief Instructor”

  1. Hey there Steve,

    I had a great time training with you at Rattlesnake road on the met tower! I am so glad to see that everything is going well for you and it is clear that you very much enjoy your work.

    Hopefully we can get together soon and put up some more routes!

    Take Care,
    Mark H-

    1. Hey Mark, it’s always a pleasure working with you and the guys at EDPR, you guys ROCK ! Look forward to continuing our working relationship, it’s getting cold, the lostine will be freezing soon so it’s time to sharpen up the picks, Peace Brother

  2. Steve,

    We met back in October 2013 at Airstreams, I was fortunate to have been under your tutelage and man has it paid off. I look forward to working with you in the future as I seek to strengthen my abilities to train and keep climbers safe. Please pass your email address along, I have tons of questions I would like to ask you about becoming the best technical trainer I can be.

    Thanks a bunch for everything, You know your stuff.


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