Terms and Conditions

Transfer and Cancellation Policy / Terms & Condition’s:
For ENSA, a division of Mallory Safety & Supply, LLC. (ENSA)


To Book Training ENSA requires:

  1. A Purchase Order (PO) as per the provided quotation.
  2. A fully completed Training Course Booking Form (this document) returned to ENSA Training Administration.
  3. A temporary reservation for specific training dates can be made without a PO# which is only valid until the end of the next business (48 hours for non-open enrollment) day to allow time for PO creation.

ENSA Quotations include:

  1. Training per day charges based on group size and course duration and allowances for downtime
  2. The following travel and related expenses will be passed on to the client;
    • Airline Tickets: Coach at the most reasonable airfare available
    • Vehicle Rental: Appropriate to the terrain required or cargo capacity
    • Personal Mileage: Current federal reimbursement rate
    • Hotel / Lodging: At corporate rate.
    • Airport Parking: long term off site economy parking.
    • Shipping / Freight: Equipment/ Materials: (via Mallory Safety & Supply): UPS (individual courses) or HA Advantage – freight (Select training programs).

ENSA will work on all aspects of travel related expenses – contact ENSA Training Administration for details.

RUSH and/or Special requests:

  1. Special training/audits and RUSH requests may have additional charges. These charges will be highlighted and included in the ENSA quotation.


  1. ENSA reserves the right to impose a cancellation penalty of 100% for any cancellations made to confirmed (booked and scheduled) training events.
  2. ENSA is flexible to consider changes to training format but reserves the right to refuse all modifications to the training program once a training slot has been confirmed.
  3. Changes to the student roster on the Booking Form less than five (5) days prior to the scheduled training will result in additional fees of $175.00 per student.
  4. ENSA reserves the right to cancel scheduled training courses up to ten (10) days prior to the scheduled start of the event.


Payment Terms:

  1. Full payment for the course must be received 21 days prior to the scheduled training unless a written agreement with ENSA has been approved.
  2. All payments must be made in full and can be made by check, Credit card (Visa/MasterCard, American Express), or by wire/money transfer to ENSA unless company has been approved on credit terms. To obtain credit terms, company must submit ENSA approved credit application along with credit references with booking form. Credit approval requires five (5) days for processing.

ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS: (read and understand fully)

  1. Physically fit to undertake work at heights training:

The student’s self-declaration within the signing of the course registration form on the day of the training course will constitute suitable evidence that the employer attests to the students’ fitness to perform the skill evolutions required in training.

  1. Students are obliged to wear suitable clothing, work boots (with a heel if climbing). Students wishing to use their own PPE during training must bring the inspection and certification history and deemed ‘fit for purpose’- A student equipment list specific to training program is available upon request as per the course synopsis.
  2. . The employer and student must be made aware of user weight limitations outlined under their OHS Act (Federal/State or Provincial) and are within the defined limitations specified, students will be required to sign an agreement to this effect before starting training.
  3. ENSA, A Division of Mallory Safety & Supply, LLC. Reserves the right to suspend training at any time should the student’s medical condition be in question.
  4. Candidates new to work at height and rescue, upon successful completion should be evaluated for ability to apply the knowledge and skills in the work environment by a supervisor, lead tech, site HSE Coordinator within three months or there about after training.

Issuing of ENSA Certification:

  1. Upon evaluation all successful students are issued a temporary ID card valid for a period of 45 days. Unsuccessful students will be informed immediately and all remediation options will be discussed with the student and supervisor on-site as appropriate.
  2. Within 45 days the student’s employer will be issued with digital versions of student certificate of training, and upon request an electronic copy of the course registration form (liability waver), training session sign off (release waver) and the student’s evaluation documents will be issued.
  3. Clients registered under the ENSA, A Division of Mallory Safety & Supply, LLC.. CIP program – formal certificates and permanent student I.D. card, and copies of the specified training documents will be mailed to the above company contact person (verification will be made at time of shipping).