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ENSA APE Descends on Cuba
Guantanamo Bay Cuba
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GWO Training

This past week the Wind Turbine Operations and Maintenance Team of the Centerra Group LLC., under the Direction of Jacob Hansen, underwent a week long training event to obtain Global Wind Organiza-tion – Basic Safety Training Certification through ENSA North America.

Certification in the Global Wind Organization – Basic Safety Training is designed to impart knowledge and education of hazards encoun-tered when working within the wind industry and how to control and mitigate these hazards. And also equip recipients with the knowledge, skills and confidence to appropriately respond in the event of an emergency.

The training provided through ENSA North America introduces the recipient to safe work at height practices involving vertical rescue sce-narios specific to wind turbines, fire prevention and manual handling exercises necessary to the work environment and essential first aid training addressing the need to understand trauma at height.


The Centerra Group LLC. Procurement Team led by Tracey Miller in-vested in the ENSA A.P.E. Micro Rescue System a specially designed rope rescue and escape system with a reputation for unparalleled performance for ‘long line’ rescue scenarios (for persons working and access heights greater than 250 ft.).

(ENSA A.P.E. Micro Rescue System was designed to exceed OSHA response times for self and assisted rescue) Jake and his team will always be climbing with a personal rescue system capable of ‘prompt’ response in the event of an emergency.

In addition ENSA’s GWO Basic Safety Training curriculum took in hand a high level of training in Trauma Kits, AED’s, Bag Valve Masks, Cervical Splints and Immobilization Techniques. The equipment was demonstrated to proficiency under a scenario based training program involving multiple impact injuries and special movement consider-ations culminating in full tower emergency descent. (Full tower de-scent was carried out utilizing multiple rescue escape systems under professional rescuer supervision)


Ben Miller, Centerra Group Safety Director participated and organized incident command response participation by the Guantanamo Bay Fire and Rescue Team, who enacted all down tower casualty interven-tion, to be lowered on multiple rescue systems.

Rob Siegel Director of ENSA North America, stated, “This is really good to see and experience, this is the first time, I can personally recall a military contractor, operating at the forefront in rescue practices and technologies spearheading innovation within the wind industry.” “It shows the dedication and commitment to work at height safety my hat is off to Jake and the Centerra Group Safety Team, under the Direction of Ben Miller.”

Other industry early adopters of the ENSA APE Systems and training include EON, Vestas, EDP Renewables, BP, MFG, and EDF in addition at least four of North America’s top wind technician training colleges are teaching their students ENSA training and APE systems.

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