Welcome to ENSA. Why do think you’ve just landed on the best place to get at-height safety training? Here are some of the reasons:

ENSA is moving the industry forward.

  • Any training company can rest on their laurels and teach the same thing for 10 years. But time and technology are leading us to understand that there are better, safer methods for rescue. At ENSA, we will teach your crew how to think about rescue, not just how to run through a drill. Not all Telecom environments are the same, one rescue practice can’t fit them all. Even our Authorized level course teaches three different rescue techniques.

ENSA is the training arm of Mallory Safety and Supply.

  • With MalloryOne, you no longer have to ask your training company where you can buy gear. We have it all, ready to go. We won’t pigeon-hole you into one type of gear; we carry every major fall-protection manufacturer. And once you’re already a training customer, you’re guaranteed some of the best equipment prices on the market. We can even arrange to have your crew’s new gear at the training site so they can train in what they work in.

ENSA knows at-height safety.

  • Our team has pioneered numerous elements of at-height safety protocols, including the custom training curriculums for names like Vestas, BP, and more. We provide all levels of safety training, including First Aid/CPR/AED and Trauma at Height, OSHA 10-hour & 30-hour, RF awareness, Fire Prevention, and even classes on writing Fall Protection Plans for Safety Administrators. We are you the only place you need to go when it comes to safety compliance and advancement.

ENSA is mobile

  • With one of only three mobile training towers in the nation, bringing training to you is easier than ever. A complete, 30’ lattice structure, with cross-members, we can train any at height safety as close as the parking lot outside your office! And with trainers and fixed sites around the nation, we can get to you, or you can come to us, with as little hassle and expense as possible. With open-enrollment and custom scheduled classes available, you can train any amount of folks at any time.