Zapier process

Zapier is a service we’re using to trigger email notifications for recently uploaded CIP/AIP files via Dropbox. Once a file has been uploaded, within 15 minutes, Zapier will check for new files and when there is one, it will send an email to those that need to know.

1) Login at If you don’t have the password, please contact Marketing.

2) There will be “Zaps” alread in the dashboard, you can either create a new one, or simply Copy one we already have and then just edit it to fit the new need. This screenshot shows one of the Zaps being copied.

3) Once copied, you can then choose Edit in the dropdown.

4) Edit mode brings up all of the available options. First thing to choose is the Dropbox Directory we want the trigger to be activated from.

5) If there’s a subdirectory that we need, then we’ll choose that as well.

6) This is the area where we’ll choose who gets the email notification, the subject of the email, and the content in the email. The one we’re editing shows certain fields that Dropbox has to offer that can be converted into data once the email sends.

7) Edit the From field to correspond with the new Zap

8) Edit the Zap name and then turn it on.

That completes the process of creating a new Zap from an existing one. Once a file is uploaded and gets into one of our watched folders, an email will be sent to those that need to know about it.